Serving Pittsburgh for four decades.

Jubilee Kitchen started in 1979 to feed the poor, three hundred sixty-five days a year and ever since our doors have been open to serve whoever comes to us.

Hours of operation are Sunday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

Our Philosophy is simple.

Jubilee Association was founded by a core of people dedicated to Judeo-Christian values and Catholic Worker ideals of honoring the human dignity of each guest, non-judgmentally. From our beginning, we have been committed to encouraging these values among our staff and many volunteers.  

Having our guests treated with respect and friendship nourishes the soul, just as our food satisfies their physical hunger. Food is a basic right that we want to provide.  At the Kitchen and through our Pantry we insure security around this basic need.  This, in turn, adds to the health of our guests and food bank families.  For persons living in poverty and afflicted with all of its scars, having food security and a trusting community allows them to cope much better with the other challenges of their lives.

Jubilee Soup Kitchen is the backbone of our ministry.

Is the backbone of our ministry.  The Kitchen draws approximately 125 guests a day, more at the end of the month when SSI and other funds have been exhausted.  Some guests are regulars who live close by.  To come to a soup kitchen, a person must be desperate, joining the ranks of the marginalized.  

They are mostly unattached men with a few women and even occasional children coming.  Many are addicted and many more who are recovering from a life of addiction. Some are ex-offenders, some are disabled physically or from mental issues.  Many guests come as early as 8:30 for coffee and rolls.  Most stay until our main meal at 11 AM and take-outs are available for those who need them.

As long as they abide by a few rules of civility and non-violence, all are welcome.  Staff, volunteers and regular guests are the backbones of our welcoming community.  We try to respond to the needs of the whole person.

Support the people of Pittsburgh. Even the smallest donation can make a big difference to Jubilee and the people we serve.