Help us gather the supplies we need to continue serving our Pittsburgh community.

We can only accept donations during our hours of operation:

(Monday through Friday – 8:00 am to 12:45 pm) and
(Saturday and  Sunday – 8:00am to 12:00pm).  
Thank you, for your help in this matter.


Gloves (Disposable) ● Wax Paper (bakery small square sheets) ● Dawn Dish Soap ● Hand Soap in (Plastic Bottle) ● Paper Napkins ● Bathroom Tissue ● Paper Towels ● Heavy Duty Paper Plate (No Foam Plates) ● Kleenex Tissue ● Garbage liners (55 gallon heavy duty and 30 gallon) ● Dishcloths  ● Aluminum foil (Heavy Wide Roll) ● Clear Plastic Wrap ● Forks & Spoons (No Knives) ● Styrofoam containers (Sealable Dinner Portion Size) ● Occasionally needed items include: Hard straw brooms, String mop, and replacement heads.

Table or Kitchen Items

Sugar ● Coffee ● Coffee Filter ● Mayo ● Mustard ● Ketchup ● Hot Sauce ● Pepper ● Salad Dressing ● Sandwich Bags ● Plastic Containers, and Plastic Grocery bags (New or Used).

Supplies for Our Guests

Ladies Bras and Underwear any size (New) ● Men Underwear any size (New) ● Both Men and Ladies T-Shirts ● White or Black Socks ● Bars of Soap ● Toothpaste ● Toothbrushes ● Razors ● Shaving Cream ●  Shampoo ● Conditioner ● Lotion ● Deodorant ● Body Wash.

The Clothing Room

Gently used or new men and women clothing for the current season along with shoes.

Child Development Center

Art Supplies ● Yarn ● Baby Wipes for (Sensitive Skin) and ● Hand Soap in (Plastic Bottle)

Support the people of Pittsburgh. Even the smallest donation can make a big difference to Jubilee and the people we serve.